Thursday, 8 November 2018

Brand And Branding

Branding, digital media, social media, digital marketing, e-commerce.... so today´s issues, so "sexy" things at the moment. Isn´t it nice to say "I´m doing branding..."? For someone from older generation it´s just a-ha and so what. For X,Y,Z... or whatever letter generation it´s different thing like an ordinary work. And for someone it gives a wow effect, you´re like a hero or so ;) Especially for those who don´t exactly know what is that but it sounds so cool and up to date thing. 

Branding. At least for me it´s not any kind of package of basic formulas how to do branding. It´s actually damn much work and often a part of something else. Branding is actually relatively much of invisible background work and digging out more information from client. Sometimes branding is a challenge if the client has not any kind of consistency. There is an idea of brand, a vision how it should be but if nothing supports it, not visually nor emotionally then we´ve got a hell lot of work to do. Your brand is the way your customer perceives you. It´s an experience. And need to understand the great brands are created along the time, they very rare just pop up and "oops we have a super brand". That may happen but mostly only in dreams. 
The brand also need to set apart you or your product from competitors, it need to be something like a piece of the landscape of your soul. Not only synthetic made nice logo and tailored story around it. A good brand is like a DNA of your product of business. Good brand tells something, you don´t need to explain it endlessly. 
It´s great if your brand can connect you and your customers in emotional level. Something like Apple does. A great product as such but the state of emotional level is more or less perfect. A good brand also gives a value for your business. Therefore creating brand is an important process, and after all an important part of physical assets. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

Alfa-Romeo 159

As it´s said Alfa-Romeo is not bought because of practical reasons but more by feelings. Somehow it´s so true. Especially if thinking of some ordinary family car with a lot of space for bags and other belongings, low fuel consumption, easy to repair everywhere and spare parts available almost every car part shops. Alfa-Romeo is bit different though it´s not so exotic as someone could imagine. Nowadays it´s easy to get spare parts in many places and even with reasonable price. But what comes to feelings and emotional side. Beautiful attractive design, carefully made details, and driving.
If you have bought a perfectly fit leather gloves then you know the feeling of driving Alfa-Romeo. I suppose it´s maybe same with any Alfa-Romeo but in this case I can talk about Alfa-Romeo 159. That beauty is like made for driver.
My experience comes from model 159 sportswagon 2.4 diesel, Ti version. Rims I switched away, though it´s not visually so good thing but these our roads... It simply would be a sin to destroy good rims so quickly.
Even that car is with diesel engine I must say it´s not moving with "holy ghost" but drinking rather well even without pedal to the metal effect. After all it´s just a car, yeah just a car. But there is something in it. That something makes to watch it again, even little bit. When you look at the face of that car you can imagine it in Angry Birds world. All interior details makes it kind of a pearl of Italian design.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Does Cars Have a Soul

I think that is an eternal question and gives a lot to talk about, especially for men.
One good book about cars, a wide range of cars, is definitely Jeremy Clarkson´s "Don´t Stop Me Now".
When talking about car´s soul it brings in mind some certain marks like Bentley, Ferrari and so on. One masterpiece of car industry is Italian Maserati. And if some car has a soul Maserati certainly does. In Emilia-Romagna northern Italy, and exactly in Bologna was opened Officine Alfieri Maserati by brothers of Maserati. It was something year 1914 or so. Their passion for cars and engines was a start for something great a global brand and symbol of motoring excellence. Maserati was born.
And here you can dive into Maserati world, discover models, specifications, photos, hear the sound of engines and find the story of brand.

Men´s Style

Some good points from Tanner Guzy about style. Style is more than wearing suit or right colors. It´s telling a story. Six key elements. 
- Body: Maximize its strengths and minimize its weaknesses
- Archetype: The way you relate to the world determines how you dress
- Tribe: The different groups in your life react to style differently
- Taste: xpress yourself and individuality through your clothing
- Location: At the gym, work, out with friends? They all have different styles
- Effort: Are you better off with a small closet or a massive collection of clothes?

Monday, 13 August 2018

Few words about Italian wines

Italy is divided into 20 wine producing regions. Italy has around two million acres of planted vineyards. There are over 2000 varietes of Italian wines, more than any other country. 1000 different grape varietes.

Classifying of Italian wines in brief. Vino on the bottom as a table wine. Then comes Indicazione Tipica - IGT, DOC and DOCG on top.
Every wine awarded with DOC or DOCG has set of rules and regulations that apply to that wine.
For example Chianti wines has completely different rules for production than Bardolino.
Vino, table wines can be red, white or rose. They can be labelled with fantasy names too. These may not carry any indication of geographic origin more than the country they are from. That must be mentioned on label.
IGT is like "Vind de Pays" in France or Landwein in Germany. This is a superior table wine, specific grapes and areas. By the Italian law IGT can contain up to 15% grapes from outside the region.
Donominazione di Origine Controllata - DOC wines Italian wine laws from 1963 to control the quality and origin of wine. To protect the name of origin and sources of unfermented grape juice and wines. Strict control at every step of the process.
Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita - DOCG wines are the highest quality Italian wines. DOCG wines are documented the document covering many things like geographic origin, accepted grape varietes, minimum planting density, maximum yields, accepted grape varietes, alcohol levels... Wines tested by testing panel of winemakers. DOCG categorized wine must have been admitted to the DOC category for at least five years. DOCG wines have to be sold in containers smaller than five litres in capacity and the container must bear a state seal quaranteed origin and quality.
Brunello di Montalcino was the first wine to be granted the DOCG status - in 1st of July 1980.

Italian wines are named in one of three categories. Wines that are named after the grape like Pinot Grigio, Sangriovese, Primitivo are known as Varietal wines.
Some wines are named after village, or province where it´s made or comes from. Examples like Valpolicella, Gavi are known as Generic Wines. Wines that have branded /trademarked names like Rubizzo, Bocca di Lupo, Borghi d√Člsa are Propietary wines.

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